Corporate Bodies

General Assembly

The supreme body of the Organization is the General Assembly that convenes in a regular annual basis, and votes for the members of the Board and the Supervisory Board for a 3-year service. In the General Assembly participate, with voting rights, the members of the Organization, while the rightholders have the right to attend and express their views and concerns, yet without a right to vote for or be elected as members of the Board.


The 7-members Board consists of a Chairman/Chairwoman, a Vice Chairman/Vice Chairwoman, a Secretary General, a Treasurer and three Members. Usually convenes on a monthly basis and is responsible for the decisions regarding the operation of the Organization.

The current Board consists of the following members:

Margarita Matsa-Chairwoman
Spyridon Stamoulis-Vice Chairman
Anna-Maria Antippas-Secretary General
Irini Souganidou-Treasurer
Andreas Giannikos-Member
Easy Coutiel-Member
Antonis Markogiannis-Member

The Management Consultant Ms Eleni Foscolou supervises the implementation of the Board’s decisions.

Supervisory Board

The 3-members Supervisory Board of the Organization is elected by the General Assembly for a 3-year service, with the duty to supervise the operation of the Organization and the Board, informing the General Assembly.

The current Supervisory Board consists of the following members:

Piladakis Stavros-Chairman
Mariatos Gerasimos-Vice Chairman
Berdousi Demitra-Secretary