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Music and songs are part of human history for thousands of years. Beyond their cultural value, they are a form of expressing human feelings. Several years ago people had the chance to listen to music and songs only during events with special meaning for them (feasts, social events, etc). With the aid of technology we acquired the capability to choose the place and time that we will listen to music. We also have the capability to choose the right type of music according to how we feel or wanting to change our mood.

Often, just because we can listen to our favorite songs so easily, we forget how much work and effort is required by many people so that we can feel better.

Initially it requires the gift of the people that create the lyrics and melody of the songs. Then the talents of the singers and musicians transform the written symbols to powerful moments. In this process intervene people and material means that allow us to choose when and where we will listen to our favorite music. Record companies were created by the need of easier and more direct connection with music.

It is not bad to admit that thousands of people now professionally work around music. It is fair to provide them the chance to deal exclusively with music, securing that they really get paid for what they offer us.