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In accordance with art. 46 par. 1 Law 3905/2010 par.6 was added to art. 49 Law 2121/93, according to which the legislator provided that collecting societies of related rights operating with the approval of the Minister of Culture and Tourism may establish a single collecting society for the collection of the equitable and single remuneration as referred to in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of article 49. During its operation the single collecting society of related rights has the sole responsibility to negotiate, agree the level of pay, raise the relevant claims for payment, raise a court action or any extra-judicial action and collect relevant fees from users.

With a private agreement on 28/9/2011 the societies GRAMMO, ERATO, APOLLON, which were the only and representative societies in the Hellenic territory that operated under license of the Minister of Culture and jointly collected and administrated the equitable and single remuneration of art.49 Law 2121/93, established the joint society GEA - GRAMMO, ERATO, APOLLON. GEA is a non-profit organization of the civil law and its assignment is the collection of equitable and single remuneration of art. 49 Law 2121/93.

Its operation was approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on 09/12/2011 (GGI 3245/30.12.2011).
Grammo is the distinct name for the Hellenic Collecting & Administrating Society of the Rights of Phonogram & Videogram Producers.

Grammo was established in July 1994 as a non-profit company of the civil law, aiming at the collective administration of neighboring rights of music producers, as they are defined by the Law 2121 of 1993 regarding "intellectual property, neighboring rights and cultural matters".