Copyright © GRAMMO 2012
The collecting societies with the distinct names: "Grammo", "Erato" and "Apollon", who respectively represent the phonogram producers, the musicians and the interpreters and are the single for Greece and representative collecting and administrating societies of the rightsholders categories they represent as above, inform that following long collective bargaining with the Regional Broadcasting Union of Greece, concluded to the drawing of a model contract regarding the radio broadcasting of phonograms that takes place by located in the region radio stations and settles with favorable terms the owed to the associations remuneration for radio broadcasting.

Following these, any interested owner of a regional radio station may sign this contract. It is noted that if this contract is signed by August 31st 2010, the counterpart will enjoy additional favorable terms. The contract's text is available, upon telephone communication and consultation with any of the above associations.

The notifying associations